2 – Why Success?

Humans are driven by desire to feel important. We all want to know that our lives make a difference in positive way. So in some way we want to know that world is better place because we are part of it. Success is a way of saying just that.

People who do not desire success will rarely achieve it. You must be ready for it and pursue it with passion.

To most people, success includes these :

  • living your dream
  • living every day with passion
  • having true wealth
  • learning appreciation and gratitude
  • positively influencing lives of others in some way
  • true happiness
  • having loved ones with whom to share it all

Consider “PERMA” – the five dimensions of well being when you define your success.

  • P – Positive emotions
  • E – Engagement
  • R – Relationships
  • M – Meaning/Purpose
  • A – Achievement

No matter what is your definition of success, pursue it with passion and determination.

Mark this day as day of commitment to change your life for better and start embracing life rather than just living it.

From book “Year to Success” by Bo Bennett


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