3 – Remembering and Using People’s Names

It has been said that person’s name is most important in the world to that person. Using a person’s name in conversation is one of best ways to build rapport.  So step one is remembering name.

Memory works by process of encoding and decoding, commonly referred as recall. Each time memory is recalled, it gets re-encoded, which means it changes over time.

Steps to follow when you meet people?

  1. Listen and pay attention to name.
  2. Repeat immediately
  3. Repeat often
  4. End conversation with person’s name
  5. Comment/ask questions about the name
  6. Review the name and face of person after conversation is over.

Memory is linked to senses and emotions. Mixing the emotion and senses into remembering name will make name difficult to forget.

Techniques used to remember names –

  1. Face association
  2. Substitution – associating name with some object that you can visualize with name
  3. Paint their name on their forehead in imagination
  4. Association with someone you know

From book “Year to Success” by Bo Bennett


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