5 – General Life Purpose

What is your general purpose on earth? Does your existence make the world a better place?

Consider statements below and think where you currently fit in. There is no right or wrong answer.

  1.  I am here to live the highest quality life I can. This includes working towards constant self-improvement and engaging in leisure activities. My time on earth is limited, and I will do what I can do to get most self-gratification possible.
  2. It is my purpose to provide for my family and give my family highest quality of life possible. My free time should be spent with my family, for my family.
  3. My purpose on earth is to do good for as many people as possible within my lifetime. I realize that there is world beyond myself and my family needs something that I can provide.

Don’t confuse general life purpose with just “life purpose.” General life purpose is a starting point for determining your life purpose that helps you decide who and what is most important in your life right now. See this as a scale with your typical self-centered individual on one end and someone like Gandhi on the other end.

This exercise in finding your general life purpose is one of the many very important first steps to success. You must be at peace with yourself and feel no guilt as to what you desire from life. Once you have this confidence, the pursuit of your goals becomes easier and more enjoyable.

From book “Year to Success” by Bo Bennett


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