6 – Positive Mental Attitude

We have great sense of control over our attitude. We can choose to focus on negative or positive in a situation. A positive mental attitude is something everyone can adopt with little practice. It is also significant factor in success.

PMA is seeing good in situations rather than setbacks. More important, it is focusing on positive and using it to your advantage. It is the thriving force behind persistence and perseverance.

After adopting a positive mental attitude you will find more opportunities, successes and luck in your life than ever before. It has to do with focus and perception. It is a snowball effect, once begun, builds and grows stronger with each positive event in life.

Tips to build PMA –

  • Scrutinize every event in your life that appears negative and look for positive. List the positives from that situation. Do not give up until that list is equal or greater than negative.
  • Surround yourself with positive people. Negativity is contagious than common cold.
  • Read and listen to positive, motivational and inspirational material.
  • Avoid morning news and news before bedtime. Start and end your day with inspirational music or good conversation.
  • If you catch yourself thinking negative. STOP IMMEDIATELY. Take deep breath and do as first suggestion.

PMA will certainly bring one giant leap closer to success.

From book “Year to Success” by Bo Bennett


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