7 – Using Humor Effectively

Laughter is best medicine known to mankind. Development of good sense of humor and ability to make people laugh can do more good for those you come into contact with.

Beside making people happy and feel good, humor can be used to make light of an awkward situation and ease both tension and ill feelings while building rapport. In speaking or writing situation, humor can keep audience interested and helps you to become better communicator.

People have different senses of humor, even though humor is recognized and effects of humor remains.

Here are some different kinds of humor that you can use :

  • The Joke.
  • The Funny Story
  • The impersonation
  • Physical Comedy
  • What ifs
  • Sarcasm
  • Slapstick comedy

Some “Rules of Humor”. Follow them and humor will serve you well. Break them and you’ll be subject of other people’s humor.

  1. Never ever take credit for someone else’s joke
  2. Make sure your joke or something funny is always to new audience
  3. Be appropriate
  4. Keep it short
  5. Be smooth
  6. Timing
  7. Relevancy
  8. Do not make joke at other people’s expense
  9. Dont overdo it
  10. Don’t be corny

When humor fails-

  • Cover up by asking question
  • Dont laugh at your own jokes and people may not think you were trying to be funny

Using humor effectively requires practice and self-confidence.

From book “Year to Success” by Bo Bennett


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