7 – Using Humor Effectively

Laughter is best medicine known to mankind. Development of good sense of humor and ability to make people laugh can do more good for those you come into contact with. Beside making people happy and feel good, humor can be used to make light of an awkward situation and ease both tension and ill feelings…

6 – Positive Mental Attitude

PMA is seeing good in situations rather than setbacks. More important, it is focusing on positive and using it to your advantage. It is the thriving force behind persistence and perseverance. 

5 – General Life Purpose

Don’t confuse general life purpose with just “life purpose.” General life purpose is a starting point for determining your life purpose that helps you decide who and what is most important in your life right now. See this as a scale with your typical self-centered individual on one end and someone like Gandhi on the other end. 

2 – Why Success?

People who do not desire success will rarely achieve it. You must be ready for it and pursue it with passion.

1 – Introduction

Success is best achieved by working on many aspects of personal development. Well-being is measurable construct that is less nebulous than success and more comprehensive. As learning beings, we must be open to change our beliefs and views based on new information. Think of success as a game of chance in which you have control…